Android App Development Course

Become A Professional Mobile App Developer

Mobile App use has seen a necessity, and will likely remain upwardly mobile for a long time to come. App developers thus need not to worry about securing a job, or worry about what the future might hold for them. Get professional training at Netpixel Technologies and become a certified Mobile App developer.

Course Introduction

Netpixel Technologies provides professional training in Android Mobile App Development with live Project. This Course is for those students who are looking career in Mobile App Development by using Android. In this course we cover both basic & advanced in Android which includes deep knowledge of Android with Java Programming.


6 months/ 6 weeks Android Industrial Training with Live Project.
2 Hours per Day. 5 days in a week.

What will you Learn ?

  • We will train you on utilizing Android Studio.
  • Training from team of professional Android App developers with years of experience.
  • You will be master in Android Java, Android Activity Lifecycle, Android Studio,Layouts, Styles, Resources & themes and much more.
  • End of the training, you will build, debug, test & publish your own Android Applications on online Android Market.


Course Modules

Intro to Android

  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Android Activities & tasks
  • Components
  • Layouts & Views
  • Working on Interaction Events of Android
  • Accessing of resources & grouping

Creating Menus on Android

  • Internal Styles & Themes
  • Creating dialogs, adding menus & icons

Working with notifying the users

  • Working with debugging applications
  • All Intent & intent filters
  • Using of Toast, Status bar, dialog notification

Multimedia @ Android Applications

  • Multimedia audio formats using in Android
  • Media playbacks
  • Multimedia video formats using in Android

Sql Database

  • Working with sqlite
  • Sqlite open helper & creating a database
  • Opening & closing

Content Providers

  • Content provider mime types of Android
  • Searching for content on applications
  • All editing in Adding, changing & removing content

Graphics & Animations

  • Playing with graphics in Android
  • xml driven Drawing in Android
  • Best practice on Canvas drawing


  • Programmatically animations
  • Tweened animations

Accessing Android Hardware

  • Working with the media APIs
  • Working with camera
  • Working with the accelerometer & compass
  • Working with Bluetooth

App Finalization

  • Loading Application to device
  • How to test and Application
  • Releasing to Play store

Live Project

  • Working on Live Project

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